• Capsule Monarch® G-Tube

    Capsule Technology, Found Nowhere Else!

Product Specifications

Capsule Monarch G-Tube

External Bolster

Designed to support optimal stoma health.

Adjustable Size

Adjustable External bolster accommodates a large range of sizing needs.

Internal Bolster

Low profile internal bolster occupies minimal space in the gastric cavity.

Capsule Technology

Dramatically reduces discomfort during insertion.

Guidewire Compatible

Can be placed over a guidewire.


Encapsulated internal bolster with self-lubricating surface (before insertion).

Why the Non-Balloon Option?

Extended Life

Internal silicone retention bolster may last much longer than balloon devices

An Alternative

Ideal for patients who do not tolerate balloon buttons due to anatomy or differences in gastric environment

Smaller Bolster

A smaller internal bolster occupies less gastric space

What is Capsule Technology?

Encapsulated Bolster

Self-lubricating capsule offers smooth insertion.

Bolster Deploys

Easy-to-use pull-away tether causes capsule to split open and bolster deploys internally.

Capsule Material Dissolves

Capsule material falls away, dissolves rapidly and passes.

Capsule Monarch®
Traditional Length G-Tube Sizes

Capsule Monarch® G-Tube Sizes

9-CG1210 12F Capsule Monarch G-Tube w/Guidewire 2
9-CG1410 14F Capsule Monarch G-Tube w/Guidewire 2
9-CG1810 18F Capsule Monarch G-Tube w/Guidewire 2
9-CG2010 20F Capsule Monarch G-Tube w/Guidewire 2
9-C1210 12F Capsule Monarch G-Tube 2
9-C1410 14F Capsule Monarch G-Tube 2
9-C1810 18F Capsule Monarch G-Tube 2
9-C2010 20F Capsule Monarch G-Tube 2