Wendy’s MiniONE®

She has grown and she is not only surviving, she’s truly thriving.
-Wendy’s Mom
When my husband Zed returned from Afghanistan in early 2011, we began trying for our first baby. On March 13, while we were home visiting family, I had a positive pregnancy test. The beginning of my pregnancy was …Read More

Daisy’s MiniONE® and G-JET®

“These products have truly saved my daughter’s life.”
– Daisy’s Mom
Daisy currently uses the MiniONE® Balloon Button, but in the past has used the AMT G-JET®.  The AMT G-JET® was selected because it bypasses the stomach and has a lower profile.  Additionally, it has a G-port to administer medication.  The MiniONE® …Read More

Amery’s MiniONE® Balloon Button

“The AMT MiniONE® g-tube saved her life!”
Amery’s Mom
Amery is seven years old and has Mitochondrial Disease, Malabsorption Syndrome, Dysautonomia, and several GI issues. Her caloric intake is higher than what can possibly be achieved by mouth and her fluid intake is double her caloric intake.
Amery received her G-tube when she …Read More