Product Specifications

AMT Standard Bridle Anatomy

Improvements and Innovations


Now slidable and pre-attached to umbilical tape for improved handling


Improved handle design prevents stylet misplacement and offers better grip for removal


Depth indicator alignment markings on probe for easier placement

Every Tube, Every Time!

Routine bridling has become the standard of care for many ICUs due to improved nutritional outcomes and cost management. Rather than restrict bridling to suspected “problem” patients, the cost savings have compelled universal use on all nasal tubes.

Clinically Proven

“Based on our experience we enthusiastically encourage placement of the umbilical tape bridle via the magnet system”…

Popovich MJ, Jahan A, Sabharwal V, Walsh MR:
Umbilical Tape Bridle/Magnet Placement System:
A Safe, Simple Technique to Prevent The Unintentional Removal of Nasoenteric Feeding Tubes.

Placed in Less Than a Minute

The AMT Bridle is easily placed by passing magnets within the nasopharynx, which allows umbilical tape to be looped around the vomer bone, and then anchored to the tube with a clip.

  • Placed in less than a minute
  • No patient sedation required
  • French size-specific clips to fit a variety of nasal tubes
  • Secured without messy adhesive tape or sutures

Standard AMT Bridle™ Device Sizes & Item Numbers

Part Numbers & Ordering Information

The AMT Bridle has been shown to:

  • Reduce cost of extended length of stay due to sub-optimal nutrition
  • Reduce cost of clinicians’ time to replace nasal tube
  • Reduce cost of new nasal tube, formula and supplies
  • Reduce unreimbursed expenses under managed care
  • Reduce cost of secondary x-ray or fluoroscopy

Order now for Improved Nutritional Outcomes!

4-4108 8F Bridle (White) 5
4-4110 10F Bridle (Teal) 5
4-4112 12F Bridle (Dark Blue) 5
4-4114 14F Bridle (Yellow) 5
4-4116 16F Bridle (Yellow) 5
4-4118 18F Bridle (Light Blue) 5
4-4508 8F Bridle Clip (White) 5
4-4510 10F Bridle Clip (Teal) 5
4-4512 12F Bridle Clip (Dark Blue) 5
4-4514 14F Bridle Clip (Yellow) 5
4-4516 16F Bridle Clip (Yellow) 5
4-4518 18F Bridle Clip (Light Blue) 5