What is a traditional length G-tube?

A traditional length g-tube, which can also be referred to as a PEG (percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy) tube or a “high profile” G-tube, is an enteral feeding device designed to aid in the delivery of nutrients, fluids, and medications, directly into the stomach bypassing the mouth and esophagus.  A traditional length G-tube or “high profile” tube extends off the abdomen about 7-10cm compared to a low-profile G-tube, which is flush against the skin.

AMT has three main traditional length G-tubes. These devices are placed through the abdominal wall to give direct access to the stomach and has an adjustable external bolster minimizing surface contact with the skin, allowing the tissue to breathe and can be adjusted up to 10cm in length.

AMT’s Balloon G-Tube:

  • Inflated balloon extends beyond distal catheter tip to reduce erosion and risk of gastric ulceration
  • Flexible silicone material is gentle, provides increased comfort, and minimizes skin irritation
  • Balloon grows horizontally covering more surface area, creating a better gastric seal
  • Adjustable fill volume ensures individualized proper fit

Capsule Monarch® G-Tube:

  • Longer lasting than balloon design
  • Encapsulated internal bolster
  • Self-lubricating facilitates ease and comfort on insertion
  • Often placed on site at LTAC facilities
  • Guidewire compatible
  • Unique capsule technology – available only from AMT

Capsule Dome G-Tube:

  • Economical alternative to balloon devices
  • Longer lasting than balloon design
  • Recognizable “Ponsky” dome design
  • Encapsulated internal bolster
  • Guidewire compatible
  • Unique capsule technology – available only from AMT