Product Specifications

AMT Balloon G-Tube Anatomy

It’s All About the Balloon

An Adjustable Balloon

Balloon fill volume can be easily adjusted for a custom-fit, as recommended by your healthcare provider. A better fit can improve patient comfort and reduce leaks.

A Durable Balloon

Made from the highest grade medical silicone, which can result in a balloon with a longer life.

A Better Balloon

Unique “apple” shaped balloon is designed to cover more surface area and minimize leaks at the gastrostomy site. When filled, the AMT balloon grows horizontally to provide a larger seal surface and may help to reduce granulation tissue.

AMT Balloon G-Tube Sizes

Part Numbers & Ordering Information

The AMT Balloon G-Tube comes in a variety of sizes to fit our customer needs.

    Healthcare Professionals can order with established NET 30 terms or Prepayment/Credit Card.
    Patients can order directly, via Prepaid/Credit Card with a prescription, however, we do not process medical billing.
    Download our size list to view part numbers and HCPC codes for reference.
Order # Description
7-1210 12F Balloon G-Tube
Order # Description
7-1410 14F Balloon G-Tube
Order # Description
7-1610 16F Balloon G-Tube
Order # Description
7-1810 18F Balloon G-Tube
Order # Description
7-2010 20F Balloon G-Tube
Order # Description
7-2410 24F Balloon G-Tube

Balloon Fill Volumes*

French Size Minimum Recommended Maximun
12F 2 ml 2.5 ml 3 ml
14F 3 ml 4 ml 5 ml
16F 4 ml 6 ml 8 ml
18F 6 ml 8 ml 10 ml
20F 7 ml 10 ml 15 ml
24F 7 ml 10 ml 15 ml

*Consult your healthcare provider before adjusting fill volumes.