Innovating the Future of Care

AMT now offers a vast surgical line of products including disposable retractor frames, smoke and fluid evacuators, and much more!

TLC® Retractors and Stays

The TLC® Self-Retaining System enables surgeons to gently retract and secure delicate soft tissue away from the operative surface so that they can focus on the procedure. Surgeons can therefore perform procedures without stay-sutures or manual retraction. TLC® retractors significantly increase the surgeon’s visualization, organization, and control of surgical sites. When compared to manual retraction, TLC® retraction is continuous and low profile.

Wilson™ Retractor Kits

Designed in conjunction with Dr. Steven K. Wilson M.D., F.A.C.S., the Wilson™ Enhanced Kit includes specific adaptation to meet the surgical needs of penile prosthesis surgeries, while the Wilson™ Retractor Kit is designed for any male urologic surgical procedure.

Remora™ Smoke and Fluid Evacuators

The Remora™ allows the surgeon to simultaneously remove electrosurgical smoke and fluid from the surgical site. With a minimalist form, the Remora preserves the surgeon’s field of vision and control while operating.  Additionally, the removal of fluid from the area can improve the conductivity of electrosurgical instruments, which may result in a more efficient procedure. The Remora™ comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate many different tips (blade, extended, or needle) and electrosurgical pencil handles. The Remora™ is an excellent tool to increase efficiency and assist in keeping the operating room free of toxic smoke.