TLC® Retractors

Self-Retaining Retractor System

The TLC® Self-Retaining Retractor System allows surgeons to retract and secure delicate soft tissue away from the operative surface, enabling greater focus on the procedure. TLC® retraction is continuous and lower profile when compared to manual retraction.

Faster Deployment

Hinges adjust to the patient’s anatomy in an instant with the malleable function of the TLC® Retractors. There are no thumbscrews to adjust or obstruct the procedure.

Eliminate Slippage

TLC® ribbed stays provide a secure fit, virtually eliminating slippage and risk of popping out.

Increase Control

Uniform tension allows surgeons to better control the tissue as the retractor is precisely positioned around the surgical site.

Lower Profile

Increases control and exposure of even the smallest surgical sites.

TLC® Self-Retaining Retractor Systems

Order # Description
TLC103 Sharp Tip (5mm) Universal
TLC108 Blunt Tip (12mm) Universal
TLC150 Blunt Tip (12mm)
TLC110 Sharp Tip (5mm)
TLC100 Semi-Sharp Tip (5mm)
TLC090 Sharp Tip (3mm)
*TLC203 (20mm) 3-Finger Rake
Stays available in 4, 8, or 50 packs
*Stays only available in 4 packs
Order # Description
TLC200 Large Size
TLC300 Large Size
TLC400 Medium Size
TLC500 Small Size
TLC600 Medium Size
TLC700 Small Size
TLC800 Small Size
TLC900 Large Size
TLC920 **Pediatric Size
**Can be used for pediatric procedures
Universal Stay 5mm and 12mm are recommended

TLC® Retractors

Wide range of self-retaining retractor systems

Disposable retractor rings are pre-sterilized and packaged singly in Tyvek® pouches for easy delivery to the sterile surgical field.

TLC® Retractor Stays

Controlled Versatillity

The TLC® Retractors and Stays come in a variety of shapes and sizes to cover a broad spectrum of surgical procedures. This versatility will give the surgical assistant freedom to do other tasks, broadening the range of procedures the surgeon can perform at one time.

Wilson™ Enhanced Retractor System Kit TLC5011 (Above)

Small Deaver – TLC601 17mm wide (Above)