Daisy’s MiniONE® and G-JET®

“These products have truly saved my daughter’s life.”
– Daisy’s Mom
Daisy currently uses the MiniONE® Balloon Button, but in the past has used the AMT G-JET®.  The AMT G-JET® was selected because it bypasses the stomach and has a lower profile.  Additionally, it has a G-port to administer medication.  The MiniONE® …Read More

Amanda’s G-JET®

“My G-JET® has given me the confidence to dance and move without worry. I can participate in daily life however I please without the tube getting in the way or distracting me from my goals and aspirations.”
Initially, it was assumed that years of battling Anorexia and Bulimia were the cause …Read More

Peyton’s G-JET®

“We love our AMT G-JET!  It is perfect for our daughter in every single way!”
Peyton’s Mom
I am a mother of four, two of which have complicated medical needs.  They are a huge part of my world, and I am so blessed to call myself their mother.
My daughter, Peyton, has a …Read More