Innovating the Future of Care

As a caregiver or patient, we believe you have the right to the most comfortable and innovative products. AMT strives to continually enhance products through constant innovation, thus improving the quality of life for our customers.

AMT Bridle

AMT Bridle™

The AMT Bridle™ Family of Nasal Tube Retaining Systems, are specifically designed for both pediatrics and adults. Routine bridling has become the standard of care for many ICUs due to improved nutritional outcomes and cost management.

AMT G-JET Low Profile Gastric Jejnual Enteral Tube


The AMT G-JET® is a low-profile gastric jejunal enteral feeding tube. This device is designed to reduce clogging, reduce leaks, and reduce the risk of misconnections. It is available in 14F, the smallest GJ in the world!

MiniONE Family

MiniONE® G-Tubes

AMT’s MiniONE® family of low profile G-Tubes, which includes the Balloon, Non-Balloon, and Capsule Non-Balloon devices, are designed to reduce leaks, improve comfort, and improve patient outcomes. These devices sit flush against the skin and can be concealed under garments easily allowing the patient a wide range of motion.


IP Kits

AMT’s Initial Placement Kits (I.P. Kits) provide the essential tools for primary placement of gastrostomy tubes.

Balloon G-Tube

Traditional G-Tubes

AMT has three main Traditional Length G-Tubes. These devices are placed through the abdominal wall and have an adjustable external bolster. This adjustable external bolster minimizes surface contact with skin, allowing tissue to breathe and can be adjusted up to 10cm in length.


AMT Button (Bard® Equivalent)

AMT is at the forefront of enteral nutrition innovations. The original button low-profile feeding device was co-invented and patented by Dr. Michael Gauderer and Dr. George Picha, the founder of AMT. AMT manufactured the original low profile button for distribution by CR Bard.


MINI Classic G-Tube

The AMT MINI Classic is a Low Profile Balloon Button G-Tube; the predecessor to the MiniONE® Balloon Button. It offers many of the same features as the MiniONE®, with a few main differences.

AMT Clamp

AMT Accessories

AMT is at the forefront of enteral nutrition innovations. We do our best to meet the individual needs of all of our customers with every innovation. We try to be there for every user’s needs whether it’s feeding before bedtime, placing a new button, or simply taking medicine. AMT accessories provide tools to help use AMT devices and enhance your experience – please contact our Customer Service Team for additional details.