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Applied Medical Technology, Inc. (AMT) is more than just a manufacturing facility; we are committed to the highest level of quality, safety, and patient care. We are interested in the whole person, not just the device they use.

We are dedicated to bringing products to the market that improve the quality of patients’ and caregivers’ lives. We are able to accomplish this by bridging the gap between the medical device industry and the patient population, through various relations and partnerships. AMT works with professional clinicians, caregivers, patients and their family members to better understand the needs of the enteral nutrition community.

AMT is a global leader and manufacturer of enteral feeding devices and accessories, upholding the highest standard for performance and quality assurance for over 30 years.

Innovating. Educating. Changing Lives.


We have been here from the very beginning of the PEG movement. We are continually improving product designs and our user’s experience.


We are committed to providing our users and clinicians with world class educational support.


We create products to optimize the quality of life for our users.

Our History

Developer & manufacturer of medical devices that improve patient outcomes

Philanthropy: How AMT Helps

At AMT, we are constantly looking for ways to help the world around us. We believe a significant impact can be made to those in need by supporting organizations that are important to the betterment and care of individuals and their families.

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