• Balloon G-Tube

    Comfort and Security.

Product Specifications

The AMT Balloon G-Tube

External Bolster

Designed to support the health of the stoma site.


Adjustable External Bolster designed to meet patient sizing needs.


Made from soft silicone, to maximize patient comfort.

Internal Retention Balloon

A balloon is inflated inside the stomach to hold the tube in place.

It's All About the Balloon

A Better Balloon

Unique “apple” shaped balloon is designed to cover more surface area and minimize leaks at the gastrostomy site. When filled, the AMT balloon grows horizontally to provide a larger seal surface, and may help to reduce granulation tissue*.

An Adjustable Balloon

Balloon fill volume can be easily adjusted for a custom-fit, reducing leaks and improving patient comfort

A Durable Balloon

Made from the highest grade medical silicone, resulting in a balloon with a longer life

Balloon G-Tube Benefits

The AMT Balloon G-Tube provides all the conveniences of a balloon device, the added security of superior life and a uniquely designed balloon to create a better seal and reduce leakage.

Traditional Length Balloon G-Tube Sizes

AMT Balloon G-Tube

7-1210 12F Balloon G-Tube 2
7-1410 14F Balloon G-Tube 2
7-1610 16F Balloon G-Tube 2
7-1810 18F Balloon G-Tube 2
7-2010 20F Balloon G-Tube 2
7-2410 24F Balloon G-Tube 2