“The AMT MiniONE® g-tube saved her life!”

Amery’s Mom

Amery is seven years old and has Mitochondrial Disease, Malabsorption Syndrome, Dysautonomia, and several GI issues. Her caloric intake is higher than what can possibly be achieved by mouth and her fluid intake is double her caloric intake.

Amery received her G-tube when she was just 4 months old. After the 90 day waiting period post PEG-tube placement, Amery was fitted with an AMT MiniONE® Balloon Button. It is all we have ever had and we love the low profile design. Even though the device is not very noticeable, it can be seen under tighter clothing, but she wears her g-tube as a badge. A badge to show the world she is a warrior, a fighter and beauty queen.

The AMT MiniONE® G-tube saved Amery’s life. If not for the doctor placing it, Amery would have died due to malnutrition. Her body just could not meet the demands that were placed on it. As Amery has gotten older, not only have her nutritional needs increased but now we are seeing an increase demand for fluids: 2 liters a day in fact. In order to keep up her growth and keep a healthy balance, Amery has had an order placed to have a central line put in which will be used along with her G-tube full time.

Amery is a future paleontologist, geologist and model. Her G-tube has allowed her to achieve her dreams and study her passions while on the go. She doesn’t need to be trapped in a hospital room in order to be fed or have fluids. She can carry her feeding pump on her back in a backpack or she can gavage feed/fluids for a quick bolus. One of the best things Amery loves about her tube… All the nasty tasting medicine can go straight into her stomach and she never has to taste them!