“These products have truly saved my daughter’s life.”

– Daisy’s Mom

Daisy currently uses the MiniONE® Balloon Button, but in the past has used the AMT G-JET®.  The AMT G-JET® was selected because it bypasses the stomach and has a lower profile.  Additionally, it has a G-port to administer medication.  The MiniONE® Balloon Button was selected because it has a low profile and is small.

The two feeding tubes that we have used for Daisy have been a tremendous blessing.  Starting out with the AMT G-JET® Button, it was sturdy, seemed to be comfortable for her and lasted a long time.  The MiniONE® Button we currently use is great too.  It fits well and seems to be comfortable for Daisy, who is a very active five year-old.  We have never used any other brand and I do not foresee why we would ever need to do so.

When Daisy was two months old she was diagnosed with Failure to Thrive (FTT), a major contributor to this was her severe Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD).  Her GI doctor started her out with an NG tube, this only lasted about 6 months at which point she kept pulling it out.  Then the doctor prescribed her the MiniONE® Balloon Button but because of her GERD, the button proved to fail.  After only a few months Daisy was switched the AMT G-JET® Button.  Because this tube bypasses the stomach, this method of feeding finally worked.  Daisy was finally gaining appropriate weight and was eventually out of the Failure to Thrive status.  After a year or so of having the AMT G-JET® Button, her GERD minimized and she was able to switch back to the MiniONE® Balloon Button.

Now Daisy is 5 years old and still uses the MiniONE® Balloon Button for night feedings.  We like it because it’s easy to replace, is low profile, and sturdy.  Additionally, we really like the glow in the dark port.  Now Daisy has younger sisters, ages 3 years and 8 months.  Her 3 year old sister Lucy does not look at Daisy any differently because of her button.  We have been pleased with the products offered by AMT.  These products have truly saved my daughter’s life.

Being the active five year-old she is, Daisy enjoys doing normal kid stuff such as playing with her Barbies, playing with her sisters, playing outside, and riding her scooter.  She will begin taking golf lessons this year too.

One funny story I have to share is I was breastfeeding Daisy’s baby sister and Daisy and Lucy sat down on the couch beside me with their dolls.  They then lifted us their shirts and proceeded to “feed” their babies.  Daisy however was feeding her baby from her MiniONE® Button!  Since this is the way she has always been fed, it’s only natural to want to “feed” her baby the same way.