“We love our AMT G-JET!  It is perfect for our daughter in every single way!”

Peyton’s Mom

I am a mother of four, two of which have complicated medical needs.  They are a huge part of my world, and I am so blessed to call myself their mother.

My daughter, Peyton, has a feeding tube due to gastrointestinal complications caused by her mitochondrial disease.  We have tried other low profile buttons in the past, but really struggled with the way they operated.  They just did not seem to have a natural fit.  She was dealing with frequent granulation tissue, and found the overall material of the tubes to be uncomfortable.  They were shaped in a fashion that made them easy to catch on things, and she had dislodged them many times.

She is not always able to be fed, but uses her J port for medications multiple times a day, and must stay connected to an extension for draining through the G port.  The other low profile tubes do not allow you to independently use one port while plugging in the other.  She was forced to always be connected to extensions even when they were not in use.  However, everything was about to change.

We love our AMT G-JET!  It is perfect for our daughter in every single way!  Since making the switch her stoma has healed and no longer has any uncomfortable leaking.  The tube is so user friendly and fool proof, she has become independent in many ways with her own tube care, which gives her a great sense of autonomy.  She rarely complains that her tube hurts.  The low profile shape makes it virtually unnoticeable under clothing, which allows her to be less self-conscious when around new people.  We are very glad we made the switch.

Peyton loves playing outside; she is very into nature.  She always wants to be outdoors with her friends and doing what kids do.  She loves riding her bike and playing make believe in her princess castle.  Thank you AMT for allowing her the freedom to do all of these things!