“The AMT MiniONE® has allowed Ryan to thrive as a child.”

Ryan’s Parents

Ryan was born premature at 24 weeks, weighing just 1 lb. 12 oz.  As a result of birth and medical complications, he developed cerebral palsy.  He spent four months in the NICU and still receives multiple therapies weekly.  Ryan uses a MiniONE® Balloon Button to help meet his nutritional requirements.

At first, Ryan used a competitor’s button.  Due to his spastic cerebral palsy, he likes to sleep on his stomach, but we were concerned that the competitor’s button would be uncomfortable for him. After he switched to the MiniONE® Balloon Button, we no longer felt that way.  It was amazing how much smaller it felt.  Ryan’s MiniONE® is easily concealed and is less likely to get caught on clothing.

Now Ryan is a 4 year old fun loving kid.  He has the sweetest disposition and charms nearly everyone he meets.  He loves to be around people and has an older sister who is a great helper and role model.  He has a giggle that is contagious.  He loves music, cartoons, reading and getting outdoors.

The AMT MiniONE® has allowed Ryan to thrive as a child.  It is his primary vehicle for nutrition and we rely on it daily.