Smoke and fluids are removed at the origin of electrosurgical tip for a healthier environment.

The Remora™ allows the surgeon to simultaneously remove electrosurgical smoke and fluid from the surgical site. With a minimalist form, the Remora™ preserves the surgeon’s field of vision and control while operating.  Additionally, the removal of fluid from the area can improve the conductivity of electrosurgical instruments, which may result in a more efficient procedure. The Remora™ comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate many different tips (blade, extended, or needle) and electrosurgical pencil handles. The Remora™ is an excellent tool to increase efficiency and assist in keeping the operating room free of toxic smoke.

Smoke Removal

  • Improved safety as carcinogens and other toxins are removed from the OR
  • Simultaneous smoke and fluid removal
  • Instantaneous removal at point of origin
  • Improved visibility
  • Compliant material protects delicate tissues
  • Unimpeded maneuverability
  • Insulates the pencil tip
  • Alternate ports prevent blockage and reduce trauma to tissue
  • OSHA and AORN smoke evacuation compliant

Remora™ Smoke and Fluid Evacuator

Order # Description Tube Length Size
ST9000 Smoke and Fluid Tube Evacuator Standard Standard
ST9020 Smoke and Fluid Tube Evacuator for Extended Electrodes XL XL
ST9100 Smoke and Fluid Tube Evacuator for Tight Spaces Micro Micro

All Remora™ Evacuators are for use with either blade or needle electrodes.
Universal rear adapter connects to any filtered operating room vacuum source.

ST9000 Remora

ST9000 Remora™ – Smoke and Fluid Tube Evacuator

ST9020 Remora XL

ST9020 Remora™ XL – Smoke and Fluid Tube Evacuator for Extended Electrodes

ST9100 Remora Micro

ST9100 Remora™ Micro – Smoke and Fluid Tube Evacuator for Tight, Detailed Procedures