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  • Micro AMT Bridle™ System

  • Standard AMT Bridle™ System

  • G-JET®

  • MiniONE® Balloon Button

  • MiniONE® Non-Balloon Button

  • MiniONE® Capsule Non-Balloon Button

  • MiniONE® Feed Sets

  • Balloon G-Tube

  • Capsule Dome G-Tube

  • Capsule Monarch® G-Tube

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"My son had bad granulation tissue and busted the other tube every 7-10 days. We got the AMT MiniONE® and he has not had any granulation tissue and we only have to replace them when they wear out!"
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"Love this low profile button! My son originally used the Mic-Key® button but they were always busting, never lasting a month. We switched to this button and never have had an issue!"
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"My son has had issues with his button when using the Mic-Key® style button with granulation and redness, since switching to the MiniONE® all of these problems have gone away. He is so active the low profile is a big advantage. Thank you for a great product."
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